Code Time :: Montreal Espace Confort

Hi there!

If you are in Montreal (Canada) on January 26th and want to code in a relax fun atmosphere, here is where:

Auberge Montreal Espace Confort

Wednesday, January 26th, 2017

From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Please register via Eventbrite in order to have access to the coding lounge.

Eventbrite - Code Time :: Montreal Espace Confort




Who should attend?

  • if you are a developer (and want to code in a fun atmosphere):
  • then join!
  • elif you are a newbie in the programming world:
  • then say: “hello, world” and join!
  • else:
  • send us an email in order to tell us why you want to join 😉


Feel free to bring along any computer science / tech related projects, and questions you want to work on.

Advantages++ :

  1. Code in a relaxed fun atmosphere is really inspiring.
  2. Find answers to your coding questions or at the very least find a path to find an answer. Here is a start:
  3. Stumbling upon a coding wall is frequent in any coding journey. Take this opportunity to overcome these obstacles!
  4. Take a break from the winter wind an sip a cup of coffee with us.


You could buy a cup of coffee, pastries and code for two hours with us.

Here is the price list of the Hotel Montréal Espace Confort :

  • Coffee ($3.50)
  • Tea ($2.50)
  • Pastry ($3.50)


See you  soon!

Python lesson plan: Chapter 2

Hi there!

Since my last post, I got more acquainted with WordPress and I got sidetrack.

Nevertheless, I am back on track with Python!

Here is my second weekly lesson plan.

Objective :

I want to read the second chapter of the book “Think Python”. My goal is to understand and incorporate the new terminology into my daily life.

Readings :

Think Python

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

by Allen B. Downey

Chapter 2: Variables, expressions and statements

Incorporation :

This time, my goal is to track the times I incorporated new terms.

I miss my written notes where I can incorporate as much graphs and color as I want. Until I find a widget/pluggin/any other solution, I will prepare them by hand and then upload them.

Also, I attended a meetup session with PyLadies NYC. I was the only one not knowing how to code much. I must say that the founder and organizers were very helpful and kind. It was very inspiring.

The founder demonstrated that we could modify a picture data base and give them an 80’s twist.

I am looking forward to play with Python and create art.

Assessment :

Exercises: 2.1 – 2.4

Art and Matrix

Art and Matrix