PyCon 2014: What A Journey!

Hi there,

My experience at #pycon2014 was extraordinary. Here is why.


Networking @PyCon :

  • I met inspiring programmers/developers who were willing to share their experience and time. Amazing.
  • I talked with 99% of the booth presenters. The companies that were present in PyCon shared one characteristic: their hunger for innovation. Here is the complete list of the companies that were present:
  • I met women who code from around the world through PyLadies, Girl Develop It, MongoDB, and many other companies/institutions.
    • Kudos to all women who have paved my way into coding. Thank you!
PyLadies Booth - PyCon 2014

PyLadies Booth – PyCon 2014


PyCon 2014

PyCon 2014


PyCon 2014 - Palais de Congrès Montréal

PyCon 2014 – Palais de Congrès Montréal


Open Source Community :

  • What is Open Source?

Free and open-source software (FOSS) is computer software that can be classified as both free software and open source software. That is, anyone is freely licensed to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way, and the source code is openly shared so that people are encouraged to voluntarily improve the design of the software.

Source: Wikipedia / Free and Open Source Software

  •  How is the FOSS notion related to Python?

CPython, the reference implementation of Python, is free and open source software and has a community-based development model, as do nearly all of its alternative implementations. CPython is managed by the non-profit Python Software Foundation.

Source: Wikipedia / Python (programming language)

  •  PyCon 2014 gave me the opportunity to realize that there is a great Open Source Community that exists, collaborates, and thrives. I like to call it “Python Ecosystem”.
    • Moreover, I had the privilege to chat with a developer from Fastly. If I recall well, he mentioned something like “Just remember to give back whenever you develop something great”.  I will keep those wise words with me.
    • Here is a Tweet that illustrates the collaboration spirit at PyCon:

      This is the first day of Sprints at #pycon2014!! Looking forward for these 4 days of intensive learning, development and camaraderie! @pycon

      Source: Tryolabs / April 14th, 2014


Broadening my horizons @PyCon :

  • I attended several workshops and talks. All of them taught me something new.
    • Kudos to the Google team who presented on April 10th, 2014. The workshop was great and they kept their cool when they answered an inappropriate question. Greatness and Wisdom!


Programming Bucket List :

  • Professor Allen B. Downey: The Python knowledge I have acquired is mostly thanks to Professor Downey and the free book he wrote, Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (2012)
    • On April 10th, 2014 I met and thanked Professor Downey in person at the O’Reilly booth at PyCon! Until today, I have spent dozens and dozens of hours learning with his book. As I previously mentioned, I read some chapter two or three times. The book includes some subtle humor. So, meeting him was definitely on my Programming Bucket List.
    • The second best quality of this book (the fist being that it is free!) is that it is written as if Professor Downey was standing before you trying to help you understand the concepts. Priceless! A great teacher is someone who teams up with you to successfully transmit knowledge.
  • Guido van Rossum: Guido, as everybody called him @PyCon (and not Mr van Rossum) gave a presentation on April 13th, 2014.
    • I am disappointed. I missed it.
    • I must make it to PyCon 2015 now!


@PyCon presentations :

Here are some links that can be useful to see PyCon 2014 presentations:


Special Thanks :

My PyCon journey was possible thanks to the support from PyLadies, Caktus Group and NumFocus.

Thank you for believing in me and offering me this opportunity.