PyCon Experience

Hi there,

I first heard of PyCon on my very first meeting with NYC PyLadies back in September 2013. Kat, an accomplished and creative Pythonista mentioned that it was a truly great and enriching experience to attend PyCon. If I remember well, I think that a member of NYC Python Meetup Group was present as well and corroborated Kat’s anecdote.

I was curious. I wished really hard to have one day the possibility to attend PyCon.

Today, I am having the privilege to attend PyCon 2014 thanks to the support of NYC PyLadies, Caktus Group and NumFocus. Can you imagine? I am ecstatic right now!

My objectives for PyCon 2014 are:

  • Thank in person PyLadies, Caktus Group and NumFocus.
  • Network with Pythonistas from around the world.
  • Learn from the conferences and fellow Pythonistas.
  • Visit every single booth and chat with the representatives.
  • Have a clear idea on what are the next steps in becoming an excellent programmer/Pythonista.
  • Have fun!

My dreams for PyCon 2014 are:

  • Meet a mentor.
  • Create long lasting connections with inspiring Programmers/Pythonistas.
  • Be inspired.

I will be at the PyLadies booth on Friday (11:00a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ). Come and say hi!

NYC PyLadies stamp

NYC PyLadies stamp